Whitewater Rafting

The Upper Kennebec Valley from Bingham to Jackman is whitewater rafting territory. The towns of The Forks and West Forks are nestled around the confluence of the Dead and Kennebec Rivers and are Maine’s rafting center from May to October. More than a dozen outfitters provide rafting trips daily along with guided outdoor adventures-canoeing and kayaking, float trips, pontoon boat trips, as well as hiking, rock climbing, fishing and moose safaris.

Over 60,000 passengers a year ride the Class 2 to 5 rapids of the Dead and Kennebec Rivers. Thanks to guaranteed water releases from our hydro -power dams, outfitters can provide full day trips, 7 days a week. The Kennebec travels twelve miles through a magnificent evergreen gorge and the Dead River offers the longest stretch of continuous whitewater in the East at sixteen miles. The lower section of the Kennebec is popular with seniors, younger children and those who prefer a milder trip. Trips include transportation to and from the base facility to the river, all river gear, pre-trip orientation, guided trip on the river, snacks and a hearty meal and post trip pictures and videos of your adventure.

True thrill-seekers can sign on for special Turbine Test Days which provide real Class 5 heart pounding whitewater adventure. Most area outfitters offer complete adventure resorts with a wide variety of package deals available and lodging from camping to modern cabins, lodges and inns. To protect the environmental quality of its wilderness rivers, Maine limits the number of river rafters each day, so it is always a good idea to make reservations in advance.